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Easy Packing List for Your Vacation June 5, 2008

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Most people dread packing for their vacation.  Invariabley something is forgotten and you have the unnecessary expense of buying a duplicate or you pack too much as you get frustrated and just throw things into your case.  Another thing to consider is the cost to travel and the extra charges that the airlines are adding onto your ticket price.  If they’re not charging for every piece of luggage then they’re charging for being overweight. The following tips can make your packing easier as well as a downloadable packing list.

  • Buy toiletries in small travel size containers
  • Buy small containers and transfer products into them so you don’t have to take the full size bottle
  • Share toiletries with your travelling companions, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste etc.
  • Roll your clothes to save space
  • Leave your alarm clock behind and use your cell phone as an alarm clock
  • Never pack just in case items, those are better purchased if you need them
  • Check with your hotel is they have a hairdryer in your room and leave your behind
  • Use a packing list for speedy and thorough packings

Click to download your own packing list