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Where Do I Buy Hip Organizing Supplies? July 1, 2010

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I hear this all the time…I want to get organized but where do I buy hip supplies?  When it come to buying organizing supplies I personally want them to have a hip look to match my home. IKEA has been a favorite of mine for many years and each year they bring out more and more items that serve my needs. Unfortunately we do not have an IKEA store in Vegas but they have good shipping rates and it is worth the extra cost for the quality and functionality of their products. What I love about IKEA is that not only are their products functional they are also very hip.  They are more likely to fit in with your decor than other organizing supplies. As an organizer I do not like make shift organizing solutions, if the solution is something I’m going to look at on a daily basis I want it to have great form.  IKEA meets all of these needs and that includes their office furniture designs too. The furniture collections are perfect for a home office where you want the furniture to work with your decor.  My favorite desk is the Expedit desk that fits into to the Expedit book case.  It is ideal for a small space, offering color options, and a clean look with ample storage for books, paper trays, and decorative items. Take some time today and visit their website and get excited about function and form.