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The Perfect Beach Bag July 12, 2010

Filed under: Products — Sam Ratcliffe @ 4:29 pm

New FILED! Beach Bags

Summer is here and trips to the beach are a part of our Summer activities.  So I wanted to be able to make going to the beach easy and organized by find a beach bag that looks good and also works well for all the things you want to take to the beach. Most beach bags are just an over-sized tote and everything gets thrown in and you hope for the best. This is where the FILED beach tote steps in. It comes in three bright Summer colours, has detachable pouches, a wet clothes pouch, pockets for your water bottle and flip-flops, large spacious interior, and a zipper to close your tote. The image below shows you how organized you can be with this beach tote and I’m sure you will enjoy using the FILED beach tote.

What's Inside