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Tip of The Week-Kids Artwork July 30, 2008

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All children come home from school with lots of artwork.  It takes “pride of place” on the refridgerator until more comes into the house.  It’s next home is usually a plastic storage bin where it stays because you don’t have the heart to keep some and get rid of the rest.  Guilt is a terrible thing thing when it comes to being organized.  If our posessions are wrapped up in memories it’s does make the organizing process more difficult.  Well, now is the time to shed the guilt with a simple and more up to date method of storage.  Most people own a computer, scanner, and a digital camera.  These pieces of equipment can save you so much space and preserve all of your kids artwork. Step one, create a folder on your computer for your kids artwork.  Step two, scan in all pieces of artwork that fit into the scanner.  Step three, when it comes to the larger pieces pull out your digital camera and photograph the rest of them.  Voila! All the artwork is stored for years to come.  There are going to be favorite pieces that you don’t want to get rid of and I suggest saving them in an air tight container and limiting how many you will keep. After all you want to save space.  Secondly you can frame your favs for all to see.  I suggest you do the same for old photographs is you are worried about them deteriorating.


EZ Event Planning July 13, 2008

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Any event takes a lot of planning with many sub events included in the main event. Most people planning an event use a calendar, email, and some kind of document writing software.  All of these components are absolutely necessary but they are not located in the same place.  Wouldn’t it be convenient to log into software that controls everything you need to do for your event. Yes, you can do it all in one place where you’ll be able to create your main event, sub events, database of staff where you can communicate through email, allow others to log in to view details, and even put reminders in your calendar to keep elements of your planning on track.  EZ Event Planner takes care of all your needs and it’s FREE!!!! Yes, it’s free.  I was delighted to find this online software for truly easy event planning.  Now, I’m sure there are some brides who are excited about this software but wait…it’s not for wedding planning.  There’s a separate software asssociated with EZ Event Planner and that is EZ Wedding Planner. So, what are you waiting for get planning and don’t forget to visit us and tell us about your experience with EZ Event Planner.


Do You Keep Missing Important Birthdays and Anniversaries? June 2, 2008

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There’s nothing worse than forgetting an important birthday or anniversary, and there’s nothing worse than being forgotten.  There are a couple of ways to log those dates. You can use your trusted wall calendar or date book but who’s going to remind you to check ahead of time in order to get your cards out in time.  Or you could put your computer to work for you and use one of the many date reminder services offered on the internet. Birthday Alarm and Birthday Reminder  are two services that you can use where you will add your dates and set reminders that come to you in your email in box.  There is also the function to send an email asking family and friends to add their important dates to your calendar making it easy to get all their info.  These free service also gives you the option to send e-cards if that is a mode that you prefer.  You’ll find remembering those dates a cinch…it’s one less thing to stress about.