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Organizing A Trip With Your Dogs October 30, 2010

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This past Summer we embarked on a trip to California with Galaxy and Thornton.  Our trip was one for business and pleasure so planning ahead was crutial for the trip to go smoothly.  I was delighted that a lot of the work was done for me by some very helpful pet friendly sites.  Most of them covered pet friendly hotels, restaurants, attractions, beaches, and additional useful information.  I started looking for a hotel and came across this great site that listed the pet friendly hotels in my area with their pet policies and fees.  It made choosing a hotel very easy. As a tip I would check the reviews for the hotels as it can give you a good snap shot of the experience you can expect to have. One hotel that I checked had a review that said they were put in a hotel room near a stairwell where there was an incredible amount of foot traffic and strange noises.  This made her dog jumpy and caused a lot of barking. So, it’s worth reading the reviews and possibly picking up a tip or two.  Another site that I visited for pet friendly establishments and beaches was Pet Friendly Travel.  I particularly liked this site as it was easy to navigate and it covered just about everything you would need for travel.  Aside from the hotel and researching the area I created my packing list for my two dogs Galaxy and Thornton.  This also included a visit to the vet for flea and tic medication for California and a first aid kit.  In order for you to have the easiest time preparing and packing you can download the list I created for this trip by clicking the link below.

Click the link to download your pet travel checklist

Pet Travel Checklist

Click here to download your Pet In Room Door Hanger from Vegas Rock Dog

Pet In Room Door Hanger


The Perfect Beach Bag July 12, 2010

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New FILED! Beach Bags

Summer is here and trips to the beach are a part of our Summer activities.  So I wanted to be able to make going to the beach easy and organized by find a beach bag that looks good and also works well for all the things you want to take to the beach. Most beach bags are just an over-sized tote and everything gets thrown in and you hope for the best. This is where the FILED beach tote steps in. It comes in three bright Summer colours, has detachable pouches, a wet clothes pouch, pockets for your water bottle and flip-flops, large spacious interior, and a zipper to close your tote. The image below shows you how organized you can be with this beach tote and I’m sure you will enjoy using the FILED beach tote.

What's Inside


Straighten Up! Professional Organizing – Get Organized Today! July 4, 2010

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I have been organizing in Las Vegas for over ten years and have worked with some incredible people and changed their lives. The services that Straighten Up! offers covers residential to corporate organizing and in the past two years we’ve added social media management services. If you have questions about our services contact us through our site.


Where Do I Buy Hip Organizing Supplies? July 1, 2010

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I hear this all the time…I want to get organized but where do I buy hip supplies?  When it come to buying organizing supplies I personally want them to have a hip look to match my home. IKEA has been a favorite of mine for many years and each year they bring out more and more items that serve my needs. Unfortunately we do not have an IKEA store in Vegas but they have good shipping rates and it is worth the extra cost for the quality and functionality of their products. What I love about IKEA is that not only are their products functional they are also very hip.  They are more likely to fit in with your decor than other organizing supplies. As an organizer I do not like make shift organizing solutions, if the solution is something I’m going to look at on a daily basis I want it to have great form.  IKEA meets all of these needs and that includes their office furniture designs too. The furniture collections are perfect for a home office where you want the furniture to work with your decor.  My favorite desk is the Expedit desk that fits into to the Expedit book case.  It is ideal for a small space, offering color options, and a clean look with ample storage for books, paper trays, and decorative items. Take some time today and visit their website and get excited about function and form.


Touch It Once July 31, 2008

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How many times have you done this?  Pick up and item and put it in another place but it’s not where it belongs. Then pick it up again and move it somewhere else.


Stop shuffling things around, stop wasting your time and stop being unorganized. 

Here’s a simple rule,




Tip of The Week-Kids Artwork July 30, 2008

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All children come home from school with lots of artwork.  It takes “pride of place” on the refridgerator until more comes into the house.  It’s next home is usually a plastic storage bin where it stays because you don’t have the heart to keep some and get rid of the rest.  Guilt is a terrible thing thing when it comes to being organized.  If our posessions are wrapped up in memories it’s does make the organizing process more difficult.  Well, now is the time to shed the guilt with a simple and more up to date method of storage.  Most people own a computer, scanner, and a digital camera.  These pieces of equipment can save you so much space and preserve all of your kids artwork. Step one, create a folder on your computer for your kids artwork.  Step two, scan in all pieces of artwork that fit into the scanner.  Step three, when it comes to the larger pieces pull out your digital camera and photograph the rest of them.  Voila! All the artwork is stored for years to come.  There are going to be favorite pieces that you don’t want to get rid of and I suggest saving them in an air tight container and limiting how many you will keep. After all you want to save space.  Secondly you can frame your favs for all to see.  I suggest you do the same for old photographs is you are worried about them deteriorating.


Hey Presto – Duvet Change In Minutes July 13, 2008

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Save yourself some time with this easily put on a duvet video.